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Leading Technology and Broad Product Range
Shenzhen Sunnyway Battery Tech Co.Ltd. was set up in 1997 with an initial investment of 50 million RMB. We use advanced technology and equipment from Korea and Japan to produce our specialty valve sealed lead acid storage batteries(SLA / VRLA). Our products comprise eight series (2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 10V, 12V,24V,36V) with over 350 models. Our SLA battery capacities range from from 0.5AH to 3000Ah. Our products are certified by UL, CE,VDS, China Information Industry Ministry , Railway Ministry, and Electronics Ministry. In addition to the manufacture of common seal lead acid batteries, we also manufacture GEL battery,Front Terminal battery, 2V Telecom battery, Solar Power battery, Deep Cycle battery,High Rate Discharge battery, ?Automotive battery, Long-Life battery, and Electrical Toy batteries. All of our SLA battery use the very latest technology. And SUNNYWAY Group company was certificated by ISO 9001:2000, and ISO 14001:2004。

The Most Experienced People to Support You
Sunnyway has more than 40 senior engineers. All are graduated from leading Chinese Universities, including Haerbin Industry University, Wuhan University, Jilin University, Henan University, Tianjin University, and Sichuan University. They each have more than 10 years experiences in the battery field and have published theories on battery science.

The Newest Products
Our company takes great stock in developing new products. We annually invest more than 5M RMB in our special research department and cooperate regularly with Haerbin Industry University, Wuhan University and Huanan Science University to research raw and materials. Our R&D department has developed more than 10 patents on battery technology and production techniques. New products include GEL, Deep cycles,High rate discharge,Front terminal, solar power, long-life, and Electrical toy batteries, The principal advantages of these SLA battery are long life design, optimize design, colloid design, and so on. By constantly innovating and producing the right products we help you meet your customer needs – all the time.

SUNNYWAY SLA battery market
About SUNNYWAY's market, 20% is domestic market, 80% of the SLA batteries are exported to over 50 countries, such as: USA, Brazil,Italy,Greece, Germany,Spain,India,Iran,Korea,Thailand,South Africa,Nigeria,etc, the main customers are SAMSUNG,STEREN, IRAN NATIONAL TELECOM, TYCO, ADT,POWERSONIC, APC,DELTA,China mobile,China telecom,China unicom,China railway.etc, 
We produce over 8 millions pcs various kinds of SLA batteries and the total sales value is over 110 millions US dollars in 2008 year 
For our SLA battery market,30% is for Telecom application,35% for UPS,15% for Solar Power,10% for emergency lighting and Alarm& security system,10% for others.

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